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Group classes to reduce anxiety were conducted by psychologists of the Academy

November 15 at the Academy of Choreography started a series of group classes with students of 1 – 3 courses of the school-college of vocational education, aimed at reducing the state of anxiety.

The purpose of these classes is to solve a number of problems: helping students to master the skills of self-control, reducing the significance of anxiety situations for the student, achieving inner peace and an adequate attitude to the existing problem, as well as regulating the emotional sphere, muscle relaxation, and relieving emotional stress.

During the group sessions, the students performed the “Trash Can” exercise, which helps to cope with a stressful situation, did a meditation to relieve anxiety and relax, and also listened to the fairy tale “Cheerful little dragon Pumsy”, which introduces new self-control skills. At the end of the classes, students received brief anti-stress reminders.