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Group lesson “Development of emotional intelligence”

Being able to control impulsive reactions and emotions is very important, as emotions can cause a person to behave in an unusual and often unproductive manner. Understanding your own emotions helps you recognize the emotional states and actions of others.

On October 07, 10 and 27, 2021, in the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, in order to expand the ways of mutual understanding, group classes “Development of emotional intelligence” were held for students of the vocational college and university students.

In the classroom, students got acquainted with the concept of emotional intelligence, methods of emotional self-regulation. The exercises “Transfer of feelings in a circle”, “Guess the object” were performed, which are aimed at increasing sensitivity and empathy. The students also received recommendations for the intelligent control of difficult emotions.

Reflection at the end of the class showed the importance of holding meetings with students aimed at developing the ability to manage their emotions.