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The boarding school is one of structural divisions of the NJSC “The Kazakh national academy of choreography”. The main activities and functions of a boarding school are creation of comfortable living conditions for housing, educational work and the organization of leisure of the living pupils.

Realization of these functions is expressed that in a boarding school favorable conditions for manifestation of creative abilities of pupils are created, to the organization of forms of activity the, real, available to children, yielding concrete result. Day off circles work: “Handmade”, circle of housekeeping of Dastarkhan and others.

Development of creative sharpness, taste, design finds is promoted also by participation of pupils in registration of a boarding school, the assembly hall to various actions and holidays, in issue of wall newspapers to festive dates.

A variety of talents and abilities, passion, pleasure and desire to participate were shown at children when holding such actions as the celebration of the Teachers’ Day “All the best for you, the Teacher”, “The autumn ball”, “The New Year’s fairy tale”, a competition on the best drawing “Indian summer”, traditional became original congratulations of birthday boys and manifestation of attention to them with elements of a show, friendly cartoons, creation of congratulatory newspapers.

Handmade is a circle for fans to create hands! Occupations stimulate desire to try something new, to acquire new knowledge in a circle. The hand labor cultivates patience and accuracy, accustoms to the exact movements of fingers (at children the small motility of hands is improved, there is a development of an eye estimation), teaches concentration of attention, stimulates memory development, develops spatial imagination, develops art taste and creative abilities of children, makes active their imagination and imagination. The products made by hands of pupils are exposed at various exhibitions organized in boarding school recreations.