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International dialogue window

May 23, 2020 the third issue of “International dialogue window” online project on the subject “The path of teacher” was released. Author of the project is a Senior lecturer of the Department of pedagogy, the Judge of Association of Federation of sports dance Eugene Moiseev.

The Guest Elvira Romanova is a two-time champion of Russia, silver medalist of the Open Championships of Germany and the Netherlands among professionals in the Latin American sequoia, winner of tournaments in Germany and in the United Kingdom in the Latin American program. She has a great pedagogical and judicial experience, and she is also an interpreter of educational book for trainers and dancers named “Back to the Roots” which was written by Barbara Ambrosh. The “International dialogue window” online project was created for students of the Pedagogy of Sports Ballroom Dance, as well as for choreographers.

In future, the author plans to continue the “International dialogue window” online project, as the information, knowledge and experience gained by colleagues will undoubtedly have a positive effect to the establishment of successful teachers of sports ballroom dance in our country.