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Strengthening emotional well-being

The training seminar “Strengthening emotional well-being” was held in order to maintain psychological health and create a favorable psychological microclimate among the curators of academic groups.

The objectives of the training included: familiarization with the concept of professional “burnout”, with its characteristics, analysis of the manifestation of signs of “burnout”, identification of sources of dissatisfaction with professional activity, creation of conditions conducive to the prevention of the syndrome of professional “burnout”.

In the training, ideas about the basic concepts and functions of self-regulation were given.

The training participants expressed their emotions by depicting them on paper, participated in a psychological game aimed at a visual demonstration of a person’s state when they abandoned their feelings. And also performed a ritual of wishes for each other’s good.

The curators gained experience in realizing their strengths.

On January 6, curators of academic groups of the faculty of choreography participated in the training; on January 10, curators of the College and the faculty of art.

The training “Strengthening emotional well-being” made it possible for participants to realize their feelings and emotions, learn ways of self-regulation, receive positive wishes from the group, and realize the strengths of their personality.