Information on the new academic year is available via call center: +7 (7172) 798-589 (school-college of professional education), +7 (7172) 790-844 (University)
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Dear parents!

This section has been created only for you! We hope that the following information will be interesting and useful for you.  We have the same aims, so let’s unite for their achievements!

We would kindly pay your attention for:

  • mastering a profession imposes big responsibility not only on the management and teachers of the academy, but on students and their parents as well (legal representatives);
  • the workloads of students are adequate towards the professional purposes of training;
  • students of the academy gain full-fledged knowledge not only in profile disciplines, but also in all general education subjects;
  • upon graduation of the academy students get the state diploma about secondary vocational education;
  • upon graduation the graduates can continue their education in higher educational institutions of the corresponding or other profiles.

The information regarding living campus please contact the following phone number: 8/7172/798 572

The information regarding social assistance please contact the following phone number: 8/7172/798 578

The information regarding registration for foreign citizens contact the following phone number:  8/7172/790 855

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