Contacts of admissions committees

In order to provide medical care and preventive measures, all Academy students are provided with qualified medical care.

The medical block, the area of which is 532 square meters, is equipped with the necessary medical equipment and includes:
– a pediatric office;
– orthopedic cabinet;
– treatment room;
– massage room;
– an office of physical therapy;
– physiotherapy room;
– isolation room.

Admissions are conducted by experienced, professional medical staff:
– Latysheva T.M. – Head of Medical Services;
– Amankulova A.A. – doctor pediatrician;
– Shaikenova S.K. – dietician;
– N.S. Zhakipov – doctor of orthopedics;
– A.O. Smailova – masseur, instructor of physical training;
– Inzhbek A., Smagulova L.K., Ibragimova L.K., Ismailova A.J. – nurses.
Medical staff conducts therapeutic, preventive and recreational activities:
– provides first medical emergency aid,
– conducts preventive examinations,
– conducts health education work,
– monitors the physical education of students, using modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The head of the department
Tatyana Latysheva
8 (7172) 798 566