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Medical Service

Medical center is a structural division of the academy, which is guided by normative documents according to the obtained license for implementation of medical activity:
– current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– normative documents of the academy;
– normative documents about the organization of medical care in the field of health care;
– Charter of the academy and Regulations.

The main objective of medical center is to provide primary medical care for students of the academy and take preventive measures.

The medical center carries out the following functions:
– emergency aid, first aid treatment at injuries, acute diseases, poisonings;
– development and holding prevention and wellness activities;
– provides therapeutic activities;
– monitors physical training of the students using at the same time modern methods of diagnostics and treatment;
– carries out maintaining registration and reporting medical documentation;
– promote public health awareness and a healthy lifestyle.

Medical center has the respective rooms with all amenities for providing medical assistance and preventive measures:
– pediatric unit;
– orthopedic unit;
– procedural unit;
– massage unit;
– LAC unit;
– physiotherapist’s unit;
– isolation.

Medical center is equipped with all necessary medical supplies and equipment, there is a set of medicines for primary medical care.

The treatment is conducted by high skilled, professional medics of the following specialties: pediatrician, orthopedist, neurologist, children’s gynecologist, massage therapist-instructor, doctor of LAC, dietitian and educational psychologist and nurses.

The dietitian is responsible for health and nutrition, making menu, control of correctness of products and quality of products, correctness of food storage, work of catering department and observance of sanitary and hygienic regulations.

The psychologist traces a psychoemotional condition of students, analyzing the psychological aspects of development and factors interfering personal development of students, advises students, their parents and the specific interpersonal problems connected with educational process. The educational psychologist provides psychological support and assistance for students.

Head of medical service department
Latysheva Tatyana Mikhaelovna
8 (7172) 798 566