Contacts of admissions committees

Mission: to train highly qualified specialists in the field of choreographic art and culture for spiritual and aesthetic development of Kazakhstani society.

Vision: Kazakh National Academy of Choreography – an unique educational, scientific and creative center that provides multi-level training for future leaders in choreographic field sought after within the country and in Central Asian region as well as outside of it, to promote the choreographic art of Kazakhstan to the international level.

Core values:
– integration of world classic ballet heritage under new choreographic school;
– preservation and development of kazakh folk dance;
– promotion and popularization of Academy’s creative achievements at the domestic and international level;
– priority of the national cultural heritage, which determines the identity and national identity of the national culture in the global world;
– respect for the cultural diversity of the country, support and development of the culture and traditions of multi-ethnic Kazakhstan;
– freedom of creative personality and forms of cultural expression;
– recognition of culture and art as a growth factor and a powerful resource for socio-economic development;
– partnership based on new institutional associations, modern cultural clusters and advanced technologies.

Strategic goals:
– unique model creation of multi-level choreographic education in accordance with modern global trends in the development of education;
– concentration of a highly professional team of teachers in all areas of training at the Academy of Choreography;
– the creation of scientific and methodological center, whose activities are aimed at systematization, synthesis and transfer of knowledge at the Academy;
– creation of conditions for the realization of students’ creative potential and its promotion into the international cultural space;
– compliance which based on the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Convention according to all international and national standards;
– creation of an effective model for the integration of education, science and art, contributing to the improvement of graduates’ competitiveness – Kazakhstani creative elite within the country and abroad.