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For creating favorable conditions for personal development and also realization of creative and social potential of pupils in the Kazakh national academy of choreography the Art therapy room functions.

Art therapy arose rather recently, but thanks to the high efficiency methods of art therapy are actively used in practical psychology.

The purpose of art therapy consists in harmonization of a mental condition of the personality in the course of self-knowledge and self-expression.

Problems of an office of Art therapy:

  • Rendering psychological assistance in knowledge of and self-expression.
  • Creation of the atmosphere of security and goodwill.
  • Prevention and correction of uneasiness, fears, aggressions. Maintaining mental health of pupils of Academy.
  • Increase in adaptive opportunities of children in the conditions of accommodation out of family, far from parents.
  • Establishing interpersonal communication in group.
  • Formation of an adequate self-assessment.
  • Disclosure of creative and social potential of pupils of Academy.
  • Art therapy is the most effective method of removal of psycho emotional pressure. Embodies the emotions, feelings, fears, doubts and the conflicts in creativity of people; there is it at the subconscious level.

Art therapy is directed to the solution of psychological problems and does not set as the purpose to make the person the artist.

In the course of the occupations art therapy the creative activity of pupils wakens, the psycho emotional pressure decreases.

The office of Art therapy of the Kazakh national academy of choreography has several functional areas.

The area of painting therapy is intended for self-expression through the fine arts, a molding by plasticine, literary creativity.
Corner of sand therapy. Process of self-expression and development is carried out through work with sand here.
Corner of a relaxation and rest. It is a corner for removal of tension and fatigue by means of musical therapy, breathing exercises, meditation. This territory is used also for carrying out a fairy tales therapy, a doll therapy.
Corner of individual consultations and psychologist’s conversations with pupils of Academy.
In an art therapy room pupils of Academy by means of the psychologist plunge into the world of creativity, learn to understand and express the inner world.

Use such art and therapeutic the technician as painting, a fairy tale theraphy and also game, sand, musical therapy, positively influence emotional a condition of pupils of Academy.

Classes in an office of Art therapy are given by the psychologist according to the schedule.