Contacts of admissions committees

The next level of choreographic education at the academy is technical and professional education (TPE), which includes basic secondary education. Education in TPE is organized following the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On approval of state compulsory education standards at all levels of education” dated October 31, 2018 №604.

Education in TPE has divided into stages: the first stage – junior and middle levels of classical dance training (grades 4-9), in the second stage, students of 1-3 courses master the senior level program, should be capable of the virtuoso dance technique, expressiveness, musicality, artistry, preparing themselves for work in professional theaters, in folk dance ensembles and other creative groups.

Technical and professional education provides studying in the following specialties:

  • 02150700-Choreographic art qualification 4S02150701-Ballet dancer (training period 7 years 10 months, grade 4-2 (3) course);
  • 02150700-The Art of choreography qualification 4S02150702-Dance ensemble artist (training period 2 years 10 months, 1-3 courses).