Contacts of admissions committees
Bases of professional practice  
1 NJSC “Astana Opera” State Opera and Ballet Theater
2  «State Academic Philharmonic of Akimat of Nur-Sultan»
3 JSC «Astana Ballet Theater»
4 “City Federation of Sports Ballroom Dance” is a non-profit organization.  
5 Association of Sports Dance Federations of the Republic of Kazakhstan
6 SOUE «Capital circus»
7 SOUE «Jastar Theater»
8 State Dance Theater «Naz» of Nur-Sultan Akimat
9 Dance studio «Nova Dance»  
10 RSСE «State Concert Organization «Kazakh Concert» of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
11  RSE «National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan»  
12 Higher College of Culture named after Akan Sere, Kokshetau
13 «State Ensemble of Dance of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Saltanat»
14 SOUE «Schoolchildren’s Palace named after M. Utemissov»
15 RSE «Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay»
16 JSC «Давай сходим»  
17 Private Charitable Foundation «Qaiyr foundation»  
18 SOUE «Center for the Development of Creative Industries» of the Akimat of Nur-Sultan  
19 JSC «Company «LH»  
20  «Shetsky district cultural and leisure center» of the akimat of Shetsky distric  
21 JSC «Agency «Khabar»
22  RSE «State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama. K.Kuanyshbayev Theater» Committee of Culture MCS RK
23 «Kyzylorda Regional Kazakh Academic Musical Drama Theater named after N. Bekezhanov»
24 SOUE «Kazakh State Academic Philharmonic named after Zhambyl» Committee of Culture of MCS RK  
25 Public Foundation «Nomad Academy of Choreography by Ainagul Nurgazina»
26 Dance School «Capital», Individual Entrepreneurship «Alas» dance_capital_idc
27 RSE «Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory» of MCS RK
28 JSC «CPGroup Management»
29 Corporate Fund «International Technopark of IT Startups «Astana Hub»
32 Communal state institution «School of Arts» Communal state institution «G. Musrepov Education Department of the district» Communal state institution «Department of Education of the Akimat of the North Kazakhstan region».
33 Art studio «Karakoz»,
34 Educational Complex «Baku Academy of Choreography»
35 «Pygmalion Art Gallery» (Individual Entrepreneurship «ДТ Сервис»)
36 Dance studio «Amore Vita» dsc_amore_vita
37 Dance studio «DK Dance Studio» instagram
38 Creative studio «LA Dance Complex» instagram
39 «Astana podcast studio» instagram
40 MSE «Regional Center for Amateur Folk Art and Cinema Video Fund» of the Department of Culture of the Akimat of Kostanay Region
41 Individual Entrepreneurship «Indira Tashetova» instagram
42 Dance studio «Life dance» instagram
43 Dance studio «Talas Dance Class» instagram
44 Dance studio «Flexy stretch studio» instagram
45 JSC «Concrete Partners Group»
46 Dance studio «Ig dance studio» instagram
47 “Azerbaijan Mambetov State Drama and Comedy Theater”

The employment of graduates is one of the indicators of the quality of choreographic education and Academy’s overall performance.

In the organization of activities on employment of graduates, the Academy is guided by the following legal framework:

  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 319-III “On Education” dated July 27, 2007;
  • Rules for sending young specialists to work, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 390 dated March 30, 2012.

In accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of employment of graduates, compulsory employment is subject to:

  • citizens who have studied in other specialties (including the direction of training «Art») on the basis of a state educational order, work in organizations, regardless of ownership, for at least three years after graduation from university (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree);
  • citizens enrolled in a doctoral program of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the basis of a state educational order, are required to work in higher educational institutions or scientific organizations for at least three years after graduation.

Placement of graduate students at the Academy is organized in two stages:

  • preliminary estimated placement (by December 25);
  • final placement (collection of documentation – until May 31);

The final placement of graduates is carried out (no later than July 1) by the Commission for the Placement of Young Professionals, whose composition is approved by order of the Rector.

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