Contacts of admissions committees
Bases of professional practice  
1 NJSC “Astana Opera” State Opera and Ballet Theater
2  «State Academic Philharmonic of Akimat of Nur-Sultan»
3 JSC «Astana Ballet Theater»
4 “City Federation of Sports Ballroom Dance” is a non-profit organization.  
5 Association of Sports Dance Federations of the Republic of Kazakhstan
6 SOUE «Capital circus»
7 SOUE «Jastar Theater»
8 State Dance Theater «Naz» of Nur-Sultan Akimat
9 Dance studio «Nova Dance»  
10 RSСE «State Concert Organization «Kazakh Concert» of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
11  RSE «National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan»  
12 Higher College of Culture named after Akan Sere, Kokshetau
13 «State Ensemble of Dance of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Saltanat»
14 SOUE «Schoolchildren’s Palace named after M. Utemissov»
15 RSE «Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay»
16 JSC «Давай сходим»  
17 Private Charitable Foundation «Qaiyr foundation»  
18 SOUE «Center for the Development of Creative Industries» of the Akimat of Nur-Sultan  
19 JSC «Invictus Astana»  
20 JSC «Company «LH»  
21  «Shetsky district cultural and leisure center» of the akimat of Shetsky distric  
22 JSC «Agency «Khabar»
23  RSE «State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama. K.Kuanyshbayev Theater» Committee of Culture MCS RK
24 «Kyzylorda Regional Kazakh Academic Musical Drama Theater named after N. Bekezhanov»
25 SOUE «Kazakh State Academic Philharmonic named after Zhambyl» Committee of Culture of MCS RK  

Graduating students who are looking for job may contact governmental electronic labor market
The electronic labor exchange is a single digital employment platform that provides opportunities for job application and assistance in the selection of personnel. Information on vacancies and job seekers throughout the country is updated daily from various sources.