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The Committee for Youth is formed to organize comprehensive support for the interests of students, as well as to implement the principles of self-government in the field of youth policy.

Basic goals:

  • implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the creation of conditions for the comprehensive development of student youth studying at the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, improving their spiritual world, horizons and will power, improving social status, political and legal culture.

The main activities of the CYA include:

  • carrying out activities for the implementation of the State youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensuring the observance of the rights and social protection of students;
  • organizing social, political, moral, ethno-cultural education and promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • conduct measures for the prevention of religious extremism, offenses among student youth and the fight against corruption;
  • participation in the organization of research work, conducting scientific conferences, Olympiads, parades, competitions for the best educational groups, dormitory rooms.
  • participation in the work of student self-government (at student meetings), their joint decision-making on matters of student life in the Academy.
  • holding meetings to consider and solve problems relating to the youth of the Academy.

CYA carries out its activities on the basis of a work plan.

The work of CYA is coordinated by the head of the department of educational work and social issues of the Academy.