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Kazakh National Academy of Choreography was founded by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 126 dated March 11, 2015, legal form was changed in 2021.

Kazakh National Academy of Choreography is the first higher educational institution in Central Asia with complete educational program in the field of choreography starting with elementary school and graduating with post graduate programs (Master’s degree and PhD). The author of the idea of ​​establishing such a unique Ballet academy is the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. He has personally opened the educational institution.  

The mission of the Academy is the revival of national traditions and the integration of Kazakh culture with the realities of the development of world ballet. From the beginning, our priority task is to train talented ballet dancers who will glorify Kazakhstan around the world and form a new national brand of Kazakhstan in dance and ballet art.

Surely, the main foundation of education we provide is the teaching staff of the Academy. Despite the best Kazakh choreographers who honed their skills in recognized ballet schools of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Academy students are taught by invited foreign stars of choreographic art. Students of the Academy have the opportunity to perform on the stage of both domestic and foreign theaters, and to take part in international festivals and competitions.

The long-term plans of the Academy include the sustainable development of the educational and creative process, the training of highly professional dancers and active cooperation with the world’s leading educational choreographic institutions for the benefit of the development of the ballet art of Kazakhstan.