Contacts of admissions committees

The “Altyn üya” dormitory is designed to accommodate students in grades 4-9, 1-3 courses of college, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

It has all necessary conveniences for comfortable living:
– the building is equipped with a modern facilities,
– 24-hour student life and health care service,
– leisure-time activities of the students is organized,
-compliance with the sanitary and hygienic norms and rules.

The dormitory has developed its own traditions, among which is an introduction to the housing unit “Hello, Altyn üya”, the introductions of first-year students with 2nd and 3rd year college students “Dostyk Shanyragy” and many others.

To unite the efforts of parents and the teaching staff of the dormitory in the  education process, to make the educational process more transparent, a common parents’ chat for fast and effective solutions of common and private problems was created. Events “Zhetі ata jane shezhire”, “The values of my family”, “Family – the magic symbol of life,” “My Family”, “My family – my support”, “Customs and traditions of my family” and others have become traditional.

Throughout the school year, students take part in different clubs with great joy and enthusiasm: knitting and crochet, beadwork, sewing, creating design compositions of flowers, cards with napkins, fans, join the art of cooking a variety of culinary dishes, acquire skills of possession and use of kitchen appliances.

The home tradition of celebrating children’s birthdays, the tradition of tea parties with games continues. The informal and home-like atmosphere encourages the children to interact with one another in a friendly, close relationship.

On weekends the residents of the dormitory have an interesting, meaningful and varied leisure time. They go on group excursions to state and local museums, visit concerts and theatrical performances in “Astana Opera” and “Astana Ballet” theaters, art exhibitions and watch interesting movies together in cinemas and rest rooms of the dormitory. On Sundays pupils have team games in basketball, volleyball and soccer in the sports hall of the academy and on the sports ground with artificial surface. Table tennis competitions are constantly held.  A swimming pool works on weekends for the students of the college.

“Altyn üya” is a truly cozy home of the Academy, where every day the interesting and versatile life of students is in full swing.

Welcome to our warm Home!