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The Faculty of Arts was opened in 2021 and is one of the educational and scientific departments of the Academy.

The faculty includes the Department of Art History and Art Management, which trains art critics  and art managers at three levels of education. The department employs highly qualified teachers: professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, honored artists  known in their field of practice.

To develop the creative potential of students and acquire competence in the direction of research activities, the faculty has a scientific and creative laboratory “ONER Lab”.

The Faculty of Arts is engaged in the organization of educational, methodological, educational, research and creative activities of students and teaching staff in all areas.

Development of education program
Gratuate model

Dean of the Faculty: Doszhan Raikhan Kazbekovna
Work Phone: 8/7172/790 856


The Department of Art History and Art Management is the main structural educational and scientific unit of the Academy. The training of students is conducted according to the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree:
6В02106 — «Art Management»
6В02107 — « Art History»
Master’s degree programme/ Graduate prgramme:
7М02107 – Art History
7М02106 – Art Management
8D02107- Art History       

Teaching staff of the department: Dzhumaseitova G.T. – Candidate of Art History, Professor, Saitova G.Yu. – Candidate of Art History, Professor, Baturina O.V. – Candidate of Art History, Tolysbaeva Zh.Zh. – Doctor of Philological Sciences. Professor, Babazhanova Zh.A. – Candidate of Economics, Professor, Zhumataeva A.R. – Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Doszhan R.K. – PhD, Associate Professor, Saktaganov B.K. – PhD, Associate Professor, Kozhantaeva Zh.K. – Candidate of Law., Associate professor, Kyzyrova A.M. – Candidate of Philological Sciences., Associate Professor, Davletova A.H. – Candidate of Pedagogy and senior teachers: Kulmaganbetova A.S., Sharimov A.U., etc.

Head of the department: Dzhumaseitova Gulnara Tazabekovna
Phone of the department: 8 /7172/ 798 598