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The scientific and creative laboratory “ONERLab” is organized as a form of combining the search, scientific and experimental activities of students and teachers of the EP “Art Criticism” and “Art Management” (attraction of students from other EPs is welcomed). The laboratory’s activities are aimed at the joint development and publication of monographic publications, participation in scientific projects of various levels, the creation of an archive on the history of Kazakh ballet.

One of the striking results of the ONERLab laboratory is an actively operating instagram page, thanks to which the popularization of Russian ballet is developing with dignity, public interest in ballet is increasing, the audience is uniting professionally involved in ballet and simply not indifferent to this type of art.

The work of the creative laboratory OnerLab, competition “Science slam – the best poster report” among 2nd year undergraduates (coverage is 100%), an interactive project with timeline elements “Timeline”, case battles in choreography, etc. this format of events is a platform for creative performances and discussions (coverage is 50%).

All teaching staff of the Department of Art History and Art Management and students OP “Art Criticism”. To implement this project, ballet students attend all events related to the premiere of domestic and foreign ballet, festivals, master classes, interview teachers working at the academy and foreign guests.

The project "Choreographic Art of Kazakhstan: Personalities, Performances, Collectivity"

Within the framework of the ONERLab laboratory, the project of Grant financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2023 is being implemented. “Choreographic art of Kazakhstan: personalities, performances, collectives” registration number: IRN AP09260151.

The goal of the project: to reveal the richness and diversity of the choreographic art of Kazakhstan as a complex of systematized results of scientific research on the history of ballet and dance art of Kazakhstan from 1934 to 2020, which will be presented in the academic publication “Encyclopedia “Choreography of Kazakhstan” in 3 languages ​​and in the same name constantly updated dedicated website.

The paper and digital version of the encyclopedia will present personal data of outstanding ballet dancers and folk dancers, choreographers, composers, librettists, stage designers, conductors who took part in the creation of ballet performances on the stage of national theaters and creative groups; the history of the creation of national performances has been systematized; the history of the birth and creative activity of famous professional dance groups; history of the festival and competition movement in the field of choreographic art in Kazakhstan.

Research group:

  1. Zhumaseitova Gulnara Tazabekovna – project manager
  2. Musinova Asel Akhmetovna
  3. Saitova Gulnara Yusupovna
  4. Izim Toygan Ospangyzy
  5. Kulbekova Aigul Kenesovna
  6. Shomaeva Dilara Erzhanovna
  7. Zhunusov Serik Kazyrkanovich
  8. Rakhymberdieva Saya Nurlanovna
  9. Zhandaulet Ayazhan Nurzhankyzy