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Research work is one of the priority directions of Academy.
Scientific activity is caused by the mission of academy which consists in ensuring growth of scientific activity of the faculty, undergraduates and students, strengthening of interrelation of science with education and art, development of personnel potential of science, integration of academy into the international scientific community. The policy in the choice of the directions of research work is directed on:
• increase in efficiency of scientific work by means of performance of basic and applied researches in the sphere of choreographic art;
• strengthening of unity of educational and scientific processes, active participation of the faculty in scientific research and broad involvement of students to research activity;
• continuous increase in professional level of the faculty on the basis of active use of results of scientific activity in educational process;
• expansion of the international scientific cooperation and participation in the international scientific organizations, funds, programs and projects;
• improvement of process of postgraduate preparation.

The main directions of scientific research correspond to the priority directions and a perspective of development of choreographic art, pedagogics of choreography, concertmaster skill and the musical theory, art management and the social humanities.

Research work of students and undergraduates (NIRS, NIRM).
Research activity of students and undergraduates is expressed by means of participation in the Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) which activity is coordinated by Department of science and also in independent research work and in work of conferences.
Students and undergraduates of Academy actively participated in various international and republican competitions of the research works of students (RWS).
Students and undergraduates participate:
• in the competitions held by Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, the Constitutional Council of PK, MOH;
• the international student’s competition in the direction of training of specialists in the field of art management;
• in scientific and practical conferences;
• in an annual Republican competition of research works of students.

Winners of various international, republican competitions, and research projects of students

Intra high school week of science


Winners of 2019


International cooperation in the field of scientific research and also with the organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on performance of research and skilled and constructive works.

The academy conducts work on agreements in force on cooperation and mutual understanding with the domestic and foreign organizations of education, contracts for performance scientific-исследовательских работ студентов.

Agreements and MoUs.