Contacts of admissions committees

Research work of students and undergraduates (SRWS, SRWM)

The research activities of students and undergraduates are carried out in various forms of activity (Science café events, a research workshop, debates, coaching by invited speakers, film screenings, etc.), including in the Student Scientific Society (SSS), whose activities are coordinated by the Department science, as well as in independent research work and in the work of conferences.

Students and undergraduates of the Academy actively participate in various international and republican competitions of student research papers (SRWS):

  • in competitions held by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, MES;
  • international student competition in the direction of training specialists in the field of art management;
  • in scientific and practical conferences;
  • in the annual Republican competition of students’ research papers.

The Student Scientific Society (hereinafter – SSS) is a scientific association of students, undergraduates and young teachers of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography.

The main goal of the SSS is to create conditions for the disclosure of creative abilities and education of student youth, preservation and replenishment on this basis of the intellectual potential of the Academy.

SSS carries out its activities on the principles of self-government, open nature of activities, the spirit of mutual respect and the culture of scientific communication of students.