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The scientific and methodical laboratory of the Kazakh national dance is created for the purpose of assistance to the teachers, young scientists and students who are interested in science in the field of studying and the analysis of a technique of National dancing art.
Work of laboratory serves for development of scientific projects in the field of choreographic art. Besides, work of scientific and methodical laboratory of the Kazakh national dance helps to publish scientific projects and scientific works in the field of choreographic art of Kazakhstan, collecting materials by carrying out thematic reviews and conversations with cultural figures and arts.
In scientific and methodical laboratory of the Kazakh national dance work on the invitation of honored workers of choreographic art, for holding master classes and seminars, for the purpose of improvement of knowledge of the faculty, students, undergraduates and doctoral candidates is carried out.
Scientific and creative results of laboratory are participation in scientific projects of various level, achievement in competitions of various level, participation in creative projects.
Control of activity of scientific work of laboratory is exercised: dean of faculty of choreography, vice rector for scientific work and strategic development, head of department of postgraduate education and publishing activity.

The main objectives of scientific and methodical laboratory of the Kazakh national dance are:
1) providing conditions for integration of education in the field of culture and art and science, including assistance to priority development of basic researches as bases of creation of new knowledge, development of new technologies, formation and development of schools of sciences;
2) formation of a complete system of work of methodical and scientific activity of specialists in the Kazakh dance of Academy;
3) creation of the scientific and methodical database for carrying out basic and applied scientific research according to plans of research work of creative higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
4) creation of experimental platforms for carrying out and introduction of scientific-theoretical and practical researches, approbation of innovative technologies;
5) assistance to formation of skills of research activity of students, undergraduates and teachers;
6) expansion and strengthening of scientific communications with the institutions and the organizations close by the nature of activity;
7) assistance to development of corporate culture and the favorable psychological environment for employees and students of Academy;
8) creation of necessary conditions for ensuring work of teachers of methodical and scientific work on national choreography.

Regulation on laboratory of the Kazakh dance