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Feature of a circle of housekeeping of Dastarkhan is that children participate in different types of activity: obtaining new theoretical knowledge, practical works, manual labor. Occupations of kruzhkovy work give great opportunities for education and personal development of the child as in the course of the occupations the attention, ingenuity, imagination, creativity develops. Children gain knowledge of nutrition value of products, ways of preparation and registration of dishes, rules of giving of dishes, rules of conduct at a table, acquire skills to correctly select forms of cutting of vegetables at preparation of a dish, to lay the table, to prepare and decorate ready dishes

In a circle “Culinary Master classes with game elements” where all subtleties and secrets of preparation of interesting dishes, including pastries, desserts and so forth are considered are held. The estimated duration of such master classes of 30 minutes till 2 o’clock, with further tasting and the continuing tea drinking, dishes prepare under supervision of the skilled master.