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Primary education. Specialized school for gifted children (a pre-professional program of the art of choreography)

RSE on REM “Kazakh National Academy of Choreography” of the MCS RK implements the basic educational program of primary education within the framework of the State educational standard approved by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On approval of state compulsory standards of education at all levels of education” dated October 31, 2018 №604. Education at the Academy is structured in such a way that training in the Art of ballet begins at the age of 6-7 (a pre-professional program of the Art of choreography) at the lessons of ballet gymnastics, musical dance, rhythmics, and rhythmic gymnastics. All these prepare and form both the consciousness and the body of young talents for the conscious choice of the profession of a ballet dancer and a dancer of the ensemble.

The primary school program provides the full and secondary development of the personality of a child at the stage of primary school, the formation of a sustainable desire for learning, the development of skills and abilities to learn and, develop creative potential.