Contacts of admissions committees

The Scientific Council of the Society (hereinafter – the Scientific Council) is one of the forms of collegial management of the RSE REM «Kazakh National Academy of Choreography» MCS RK and is entitled to make decisions within the competence provided in the Regulations of the Scientific Council.
Meetings of the Academic Council are convened by its chairman/deputy chairman at least once a month. In special cases, it is possible to hold an unscheduled meeting of the Academic Council.

Competence of the Academic Council

There are the competences of the Academic Council:

  1. consideration and decision-making on educational, social and educational, scientific and creative activities of the Society;
  2. reduction of the period of study for persons with secondary vocational education of the corresponding profile or higher education of different levels;
  3. consideration and discussion of the strategy of development of Society in aggregate with midterm plans;
  4. approval of work plans of the Academic Council of the Society;
  5. approval of academic calendars of the educational process;
  6. approval of the procedure for providing scholarships to students receiving education on the basis of a state order, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  7. discussion and approval of students and undergraduates applying for scholarships of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, special state scholarships of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other personal scholarships;
  8. hearing the annual reports of the rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties and heads of structural divisions of the Society on the forms and methods of conducting educational, methodological, scientific and creative, international, educational activities of the Society;
  9. normative regulation of the main issues of organizing the educational activities of the Company by coordinating and/or approving internal regulatory acts of the Company, including the approval of the procedure for current and intermediate monitoring of progress and final certification of students, the procedure and grounds for transfer, expulsion and restoration of students, the procedure for registration of the emergence, suspension and termination of relations between the Society and the student of the Society;
  10. consideration and submission of representatives of the Society for the assignment of academic titles, honorary titles;
  11. consideration and submission of employees of the Society or creative teams for state, government awards and honorary titles;
  12. initiating the opening of new educational programs of technical and professional education, higher and/or postgraduate education in the field of culture and art, determining the terms and forms of study;
  13. approval of topics and scientific advisers-consultants for undergraduates and doctoral students in dissertation research projects;
  14. discussion and approval of curricula for educational programs, corrections in them, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the internal documents of the Society;
  15. consideration and making a decision on publication of textbooks, booklets and educational and methodological projects;
  16. control over the implementation of the decisions of Academic Council by hearing the reports of the heads of faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the Society in accordance with the procedure established by the Academic Council;
  17. making a conclusion of all types of practices (scientific internships) of students of a certain year of study and the adoption of recommendations for their improvement;
  18. consideration of other issues of current activity of the Society which require a collegial decision in terms of educational activity.

Chairman of the Academic Council – Nussipzhanova Bibigul, rector

Scientific Secretary – Zhaukhar Kozhantaeva Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor