Contacts of admissions committees

Research work is one of the priority directions of the Academy

Scientific activity is due to the mission of the academy, which is to ensure the growth of scientific activity of the teaching staff, undergraduates and students, strengthen the relationship between science and education and art, develop the human resources of science, integrate the academy into the international scientific community. The policy in the choice of directions of research work is aimed at:

– increasing the efficiency of scientific work through the implementation of fundamental and applied research in the field of choreographic art;
– strengthening the unity of educational and scientific processes, active participation of the teaching staff in scientific research and wide involvement of students in research activities;
– continuous improvement of the professional level of the teaching staff based on the active use of the results of scientific activity in the educational process;
– expansion of international scientific cooperation and participation in international scientific organizations, foundations, programs and projects;
– improving the process of postgraduate training.

The main directions of scientific research correspond to the priority directions and problems of the development of ballet mastering art, pedagogy of choreography, accompanist mastery and musical theory, art management and social and humanitarian sciences.