Contacts of admissions committees

The school-college of professional education (hereinafter referred to as the school-college PE) carries out educational activities in the state and Russian languages ​​in the field of ballet art and trains professional ballet dancers from an early age. It is a structural subdivision of the RSE on the REM “Kazakh National Academy of Choreography” of the MCS RK. The staff consists of 8 employees (leader, head of educational work, 3 leading specialists, 2 specialists (methodologists), specialist), and teachers /educators /concertmasters.

The PE College School carries out educational activities (license № KZ78LAA00031971 dated September 02, 2021) in the following areas:
– primary education (grades 1-3);
– technical and professional education of the specialty “The Art of choreography” in the qualifications “Ballet dancer” and “Dancer of the ensemble “.

According to the approved structure of the RSE on the REM “Kazakh National Academy of Choreography” of the MCS RK dated July 12, 2021, the PE college school includes:
– subject-cycle commission for general education disciplines – head – Karim A.Т .;
– subject-cycle commission for special disciplines – head – Sayfullina G.N.;
– concertmaster and piano skills department – leading specialist – Nurpeisova N.G.

Head of the School-College of Professional Education: Kokshinova Svetlana Yurievna, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone: 8/7172/798 594