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We are glad to see you at the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography!

You will learn to master the skills of independent and research work and to develop your creativity and communication skills.

The faculty staff will help you in the formation of key competencies for the chosen educational program. But a lot depends on you, your perseverance, hard work, dedication and discipline.

Education and teaching at the Academy is on the basis of credit technology of education. Credit technology of studying is on the basis of the choice and independent planning of the sequence of studying disciplines by the student using credit as a unified unit of measurement of the volume of educational work of the student and teacher.

The organization of the educational process within one academic year is the academic calendar, which is posted on the website of the Academy.

The academic year consists of academic periods, interim periods, vacations and professional practice.

The academic period is 15 weeks per semester; the academic year consists of two semesters.

Student vacations are provided after each academic period.

For all students (with the exception of the graduation course), a summer semester of at least 6 weeks has been introduced to meet the needs for additional training, eliminate academic debt or differences in curricula, study academic disciplines and master loans for students in other educational organizations with their obligatory transfer at the Academy, increasing the average grade point (GPA), mastering a related or additional educational program, including within the framework of double-degree education.

When planning the volume of academic work, it is assumed that one academic credit is 30 academic hours for all its types. One academic hour for all types of academic work is 50 minutes.

Schedule is compiled in the context of academic disciplines and teachers. The curriculum is drawn up for a semester. The duration of the training sessions is 50 minutes.

Independent work of students is divided into two parts: independent work, which is carried out under the guidance of a teacher, and the part that is carried out by students independently.

Independent work by students is confirmed by assignments that require the student to work independently on a daily basis.

Independent work under guidance of teacher is an extracurricular type of work of students, which is carried out by them in contact with the teacher. Independent work under guidance of teacher is carried out according to a separate schedule, which is not included in the general schedule of training sessions. This includes consultations on the most complex issues of the curriculum, homework assignments, course projects (works), control of semester papers, reports and other types of independent work by student’s assignments.

The credit technology of education implies the freedom of students to choose the disciplines included in the catalog of elective disciplines, ensuring their direct participation in the formation of the individual curriculum.

The main criterion for the completion of the educational process for the preparation of a bachelor is the mastering by a student of at least 240 academic credits.

Assessment of the quality of mastering basic educational programs includes current and midterm control of progress, final control of students and final certification of graduates. The interim period has duration of at least 1 week.

Specific forms and procedures of current, midterm and final control of knowledge in each discipline are aimed at developing students’ need for self-esteem, as a means of their own motivation, self-development and self-control.

The Academy provides for students the information sources: textbooks, methodological works, electronic textbooks, access to online educational resources.

Undergraduate programs are being trained by the following educational programs:
6В02101 – Choreographic art pedagogy
6В02104 – Pedagogy of sports ballroom dance
6В02106 – Art-management
6В02107 – Art studies
6В02111-Сhoreographic art
6В02110 – Choreographic art pedagogy
The academic calendar is compiled for one academic year.
The schedule of classes is approved two weeks before the start of the educational process.