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Thanksgiving Day events were held at the Academy

Today, an educational performance “Thank you endlessly…” dedicated to the Thanksgiving Day on March 1 was held in the assembly hall of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography. The students showed how strongly the traditions of the Kazakh people and the Thanksgiving Day holiday are connected. Ancient customs as “asar”, “toibastar”, “kol ustastar”, “suyinshi” were performed. According to the rules of the latter custom, a person who told another person good news should be given a second valuable gift. This is just another confirmation that gratitude is the basis of human relationships in the traditions of Kazakh people.

Another event dedicated to Thanksgiving Day took place in the co-working area. Students of the Art Management specialty organized a training with psychological analysis on the topic “I want to thank”.  During the training the participants called their relatives, expressing their boundless gratitude to them.

According to Fariza Batyrkhanova, first year student, Thanksgiving Day is an opportunity to express your warm feelings for loved ones and words of support addressed to them. This day is a reminder that you need to thank a person not only on a special day of the calendar, such feelings need to be shown in everyday life, because there should be more kindness in our world.