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“Üş tūğyrly tıl – ūlt bolaşağy” event

The multinational holiday of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan is based on the idea that every language is part of the spiritual heritage of all humanity, and every culture is an invaluable contribution to world civilization.

On September 22, 2023, teaching staff of the Humanitarian Cycle of the School-College of Vocational Education organized and held an event on the topic “Üş tūğyrly tıl – ūlt bolaşağy”.

The event was attended by students of grades 5-9 and 1-2 courses of Kazakh and Russian languages of study. The concert program included a “Polyglot” quiz, poems by famous world poets were read in different languages of the world, skits were staged, and patriotic songs were performed. The audience of the program was teachers and students who actively took part in the event.

This event has the following goals:

  • implementation of multilingual education;
  • education of patriotism through the study of the cultural heritage of peoples;
  • fostering a respectful and caring attitude towards the traditions of one’s people;
  • strengthening national unity and patriotism.