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Vienna Ball “University Medical Center” under the guidance of a teacher of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography

On December 22, the “Vienna Ball” was held within the walls of Nazarbayev University. 22 dance couples took part in it. The participants for the ball were prepared by the deputy dean of the choreography department, Evgeniy Moiseev, and students of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography.

On November 17, the first rehearsals began with the team of the University Medical Center corporate foundation. Over the course of a month, the choreographer worked with 44 participants of the Viennese ball. As a result, under the direction of Evgeny Moiseev, 8 dances were staged, among them: “Mass Polonaise”, “Viennese Waltz” and solo numbers.

In turn, Yuri Pya, Chairman of the Corporate Foundation “University Medical Center”, thanked for the excellent dance program, noting the choreographers and management of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography with letters of gratitude.

According to choreographer Evgeny Moiseev, this key event is held with the aim of popularizing modern world culture among young people of our country, attracting their interest in classical music and dance, introducing them to social etiquette and creating a new tradition of recreation and entertainment among young people.

It is worth noting that the “Vienna Ball” is being held within the walls of Nazarbayev University for the first time, but the organizers are confident that such a dance event will develop into a tradition and will be held annually.